Making a Management Referral via the APOHS Portal


Please Note: it is vital that the employee’s manager logs into the portal and submits the referral themselves. All correspondence and the final report will be sent ONLY to the person who logs into the portal and completes the online referral form.

To make a management referral via the portal you must first create an account by clicking this button Access OH Portal.

(Please make a note of your login details for future use of the OH Portal).

Step 1 – Creating a portal account

After creating a portal account, you will need to complete a short referral form (approximately 5 minutes to complete). See the quick guide below for details.

Step 2 – Filling out the referral form

Step 3 – Information to include in the referral

When discussing the referral with your employee, we recommend you signpost them to this leaflet: 

After the appointment has taken place, the clinician will issue a report

Step 4 – Viewing the Referral Report