About us

Avon Partnership Occupational NHS Health Service is led by Dr Brian Williams the lead clinician, and Barry Lane, business manager. The management team comprises of:

  • Lead clinician
  • Business manager
  • Clinical operations manager
  • Lead physiotherapist

About UsAvon Partnership Occupational Health Service (APOHS) was formed in October 2001, bringing together the enormous wealth of experience within the Occupational Health Departments of University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (then United Bristol Healthcare NHS trust), North Bristol Trust and Weston Area Health NHS Trust. Avon Partnership is one of the largest fully integrated Occupational Health services within the NHS in England and Wales.

Occupational Health services can be accessed through any one of the three service delivery sites at Whitefriars Centre (Bristol City Centre), Southmead Hospital and Weston General Hospital. Find out more

The service operates between the hours of 08.00 – 17.00, Monday to Thursday and 08.00-16.30 Fridays. Arrangements for out of hours Occupational Health cover will be subject to a specific agreement.
APOHS is also a founding member of the NHS Health at Work network (formerly NHS Plus) of more than one hundred Occupational Health Departments in England. We provide a varied Occupational Health service to the local health community including private sector business, education establishments and local councils.

The purpose of the service is:

Through consensus and evidence based practice, we work with our partners and customers to achieve the best for their employees.

Our mission statement is:

To enable ALL individuals to achieve and maintain their full employment potential within a safe working environment, thus enhancing the quality of their lives.

Be a Flu FighterStandards:

Avon Partnership complies with the Department of Health service standards for the provision of Occupational Health services and is a founder member of NHS Health at Work Network, the Government’s initiative to promote NHS Occupational Health services to the private sector.

The Partnership has been awarded SEQOHS,  ISO 9001 and Investors in People accreditation.The Partnership also has an Audit group that regularly reviews performance against standards and is developing clinical audit programmes.