Self Help Tools

Mood Gym is an online course which aims to help you identify and overcome problem emotions. You can complete the course at your own pace, helping you develop coping skills.

Living Life to the Full is an online course based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) designed to help you develop coping skills.

Get Self Help provides free downloadable CBT resources designed to help with anxiety, worry, depression and stress.

Be Mindful is a campaign by the Mental Health Foundation. Raising awareness of the benefits of mindfulness to help change the way we think, feel and act by combining meditation, breathing techniques and living in the present moment.

getUBetter Back Pain self-management appAPOHS provides access to the getUBetter Back Pain self-management app to support your recovery, helping you to remain in or get back to work and hobbies as soon as possible. Start using the app for free now for 7 days.  Search for getUBetter (app store or online)

Helpguide offers a range of emotional health and wellness tolls which aim to reduce the physical and emotional symptoms of stress. The website offers a combination of articles, videos and top tips for maintaining wellness

Reading Well Books is available on prescription in libraries throughout England. This new scheme has been developed by The Reading Agency and The Society of Chief Librarians and aims to bring reading’s healing benefits to the 6 million people with anxiety, depression and other mild to moderate mental health illnesses. There is growing evidence showing that self-help reading can help people with certain mental health conditions. Reading Well Books allows GPs and mental health professionals to prescribe patients CBT through a visit to the library. Here they can get books to help them understand and manage conditions from depression to chronic pain. The scheme works within NICE guidelines and uses 30 books endorsed as having evidenced CBT benefits.

Books on Prescription

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