Management Referrals

A major role of this Occupational Health Service is to provide independent advice to managers and employees on: the health of people at work, fitness for work, health risks of the workplace, the occupational implications of risks to health that can occur at work and the ability of employees, through reasons of their health, to undertake the work.

When long-term absence from the workplace is involved, medical opinion may be required to make sure that the individual will be able to return to his/her usual role, as there may need to be adjustments to the working environment. When medical opinion is tendered a report is sent to the employee’s line manager detailing any findings with regard to the workplace.



It is important to understand that the role is advisory.  Decisions relating to the management of an employment issue are the responsibility of the manager or employer. Professional integrity, clinical confidentiality, setting of standards and adhering to them, quality assurance of work undertaken, audit and clinical governance of the service are integral components of the work all occupational health staff undertake.

To make a management referral or preplacement referral use the G2 Link, ( please note the service will no longer accept paper referrals. If you do not have a G2 User log account and your organisation has a contract with APOHS please email with the following information:

1. Your full name
2. Your work email address (this will be your ‘Username’ for G2)
3. Your Employee Number (if you do not know this your HR team should be able to provide this to you)
4. Your organisation name
5. Type of referrals you will be submitting – Health at Work/Preplacement, Management Referrals or both.
6. If you will be submitting Health at Work/Preplacement referrals do you need to be able to see all referrals submitted for your organisation or just the referrals you will personally submit

APOHS will then create a new G2 user account providing access to the system. If you have any questions or queries when trying to submit a referral, please call APOHS on 0117 342 3400 or email

For Managers in organisations using online referrals:

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