Physio Direct

Physio Direct is direct access to a physiotherapy consultation and advice by telephone. This service is accessible to employees if an agreement is in place with your employer. If you are unsure as to whether you can access Physio Direct please telephone: 0117 342 3400.

What are the aims and benefits?

  • Prompt advice and exercises to help you with early recovery
  • Help you to manage your condition without needing a physiotherapy appointment
  • You can self-refer

What conditions does the service cover?

  • Joint, muscle and spinal problems
  • New or existing conditions, for example, back pain or sports injuries

Please note that Physio Direct is not an emergency service. If you have sustained a serious injury or suspect a broken bone you should visit your nearest Accident and Emergency department. If you require medication you should contact your GP.

How does the service work?

Please ring Occupational Health on 0117 342 3400 to book a time slot for your telephone consultation. A Senior Chartered HCPC registered physiotherapist will then contact you during the pre-arranged time slot.

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