What is counselling?

Counselling provides a space for you to reflect on issues that are troubling you, away from the pressures of everyday life, in a non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment. You will be invited to share your concerns of either a personal or work related matter with a counsellor and together make sense of how you are feeling and how it is affecting you. Regular appointments are important to build a supportive, therapeutic relationship between you and your counsellor and you will be offered up to six weekly sessions. This continuity helps keep a focus to the work enabling exploration, understanding and change.

What happens next?

You will be offered an initial appointment which will give you an opportunity to discuss your concerns and together with your counsellor decide if counselling is appropriate. There will also be a chance for you to ask any questions about counselling or the service offered. We will look at the counselling contract together and you will be asked to complete a quick questionnaire asking how you have been feeling over the past week. This is used anonymously to evaluate and monitor the service we provide and you will be asked to complete one again at the end of counselling.

This service is bound by the Code of Practice for Counsellors, which is published by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Please visit the Advice A-Z page for a list which also includes links to external counselling sources

 Staff Counselling Leaflet